Universal API to securely control and monitor any vehicle

Axle's API lets developers securely and universally access vehicle controls and diagnostics. Sign up to get early access.


Axle makes developing universal vehicle applications easy

Reduce development time and costs.

Secure critical vehicle functions.

Enable new vehicle applications.

For Developers

Axle's API unlocks a vehicle's data and controls so developers can build new apps

1 2 3 4 5 import axleapi veh = axleapi.connect() print(veh.oilLevel())

Axle enables new use cases


Axle can enable remote fleet diagnostics and monitoring to maximize vehicle uptime and predictive maintenance.


Axle unlocks driving controls such as steering and acceleration for aftermarket self-driving systems.


Axle equips the vehicle with an intrusion detection system, identifying and blocking malicious commands.


Axle can control vehicle infotainment and media systems enabling new forms of entertainment.


Axle can help identify the driving style and safety parameters of the vehicle owner.

Car Sharing

Axle allows for remote access and monitoring for a vehicle, simplifying onboarding for car sharing networks.

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